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December 26, 2008


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Starting January 1, 2009, this site will begin featuring material which includes:

-Daily leaked music, and my opinions on if said music is worth your (or anyone’s) time
-Opinion pieces on the state of modern music
-Shorthand album reviews, upon release date
-Artist evaluations
-Music videos
-Features; including lists, suggested listening, mixtapes and more…

The internet needs a fresh take on the music of today. One that isn’t elitist with a false-entitlement to superiority. This site is for truely good music, be it mainstream or indie. Genres be damned. Hopefully you will discover something that you wouldn’t have even thought of giving a listen to had you not come across this site.

Comments are MANDATORY. If you read something and you like it, let me know. If you read something and disagree, definitely let me know. And if you don’t have an opinion, you shouldn’t be around here anyway. The comments will be the lifeblood of this site, and my only motivation for continuing to write.

My main goal with tNC is to document music as it is born to the web, and follow it as it grows, along with my ever-changing tastes. Blogs are self-indulgent, but there’s gonna be enough variety around here for everyone, I promise that.

tNCx begin in 09. Walk with me.


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