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February 1, 2009

Best Music for the week of 01.26.09-02.01.09

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In terms of volume, it was another slow week, but if we’re talking quality, it was probably the best week for individual songs all year so far. Even this week’s worst song honors goes to a song that in actuality wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately, there were no album releases this week, aside from a mixtape by U-N-I (Before There Was Love), which I was unable to review this week but promise that I will get it up in the next few days. Trying to stay strong into February, and looking forward to all of this month’s releases, including Mos Def, Thursday, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead, Morrissey, B-Real, Vetiver, Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, and one of my favorite rappers Joe Budden. Be good, and enjoy the Superbowl today. Click the link for the lists.

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January 25, 2009

Best Music for the week of 01.16.09-01.25.09

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Terribly slow week, up until these last few extra days, but the good news is there have been a bunch of dope videos, and two high quality albums, although technically not from this week (Blu was released last week, and Franz Ferdinand will be released this coming Tuesday). The interesting thing is that most of the songs from the two albums outshined just about every other song that was released individually this week. Also this week, Lil Wayne’s first rock song was leaked out, Rick Ross & Obie Trice returned, and Jim Jones created a new low for himself, and The New Classics. Enjoy the best & worst music of the week, and remember that a lot of these songs are going to be compiled for a January Mixtape, coming out right here in six days.
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January 15, 2009

Best Music for the week of 01.09.09 – 01.15.09


So indie rock & pop have begun rising to the surface, and in a big way. Animal Collective, Bon Iver, and Handsome Furs are all ranking high this week. Busta Rhymes dropped a couple of new tracks in the mainstream department, as well as Lil Wayne & Pharrell, and Mos Def. There were also some really good showings from a handful of left-of-center artists, and a Jim Jones song that I actually liked. Coming up this week are reviews for Bon Iver’s new EP, Franz Ferdinand’s Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, and a mixtape by Blu, along with of course, the day-to-day leaks and releases from all over. It’s tough keeping up with everything and working a fulltime job, but I’m enjoying the challenge, and of course the music. After the jump is the top album, top 5 songs, worst song of the week.

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January 8, 2009

Best Music for the week of 01.01.09-01.08.09


Sort of a disappointing first week of music for the new year, but there are a few standouts. Eminem & 50 Cent were the biggest but not necessarily the best releases, having both returned to the front and center with new singles. Lil Wayne only put out three songs in the last seven days, and there are a few new artists who are starting to impress. On the rock side of things, there’s only been 2 songs unfortunately, but quality rock music comes out at a slower pace than hip hop anyway. I have a review for Animal Collective coming this weekend, and hopefully that will bring up the rock quota of these lists a bit. Week 1 is complete, and after the jump is the best album, top 5 songs, and worst song for the week of January 1st – January 8th, 2009.
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