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February 10, 2010

NEW HOME… again.

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Please Bookmark and Subscribe to the RSS on the new site as soon as you can. Or follow me (sometimes) on Twitter. Viva la revolucion.


FUCK Blogspot

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Since November of 2009, I’ve been using Blogger as the home of The New Classics, and have been writing not only some of my best reviews and personal thoughts on the current landscape of music, but an incredible volume of posts. More than I should be capable of on my schedule. About ten minutes ago, Blogspot completely deleted all of my work, without a trace left, citing “infringement”, and that I went against their terms of service. Somehow, when all of my posts were made up of my own words, youtube embeds, and LINKS to either the sites whom originally posted the music, or the actual links that those sites hosted. NONE of the links I posted were of my own personal files, and was merely relaying already uploaded (and presumably ok with the artists) files. I am incredibly aggrivated at the moment that the last four months of my site have literally disappeared for no good reason, especially since in the 9 or 10 months that I called WordPress home last year, I never had a single problem like this.

I am very sorry that I ever left WordPress for the bullshit (and less-advanced in many ways) blog world of Google’s Blogger. So fuck it, I might have lost over 500 posts and countless irreplaceable pieces of journalistic opinions, thoughts, and archived ideas, but I am not going to stop.

The New Classics is returning to WordPress, as early as later today, and I’m gonna keep this motherfucker truckin’. FUCK BLOGSPOT


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