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November 14, 2009

Packing Up and Moving

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January 1, 2009, I started a blog called The New Classics. You can read about my original goals here. Mid-year however, I lost a lot of interest when it became too time consuming, and after several attempts to revive it, something just didn’t feel right. I need a new start.

So, starting fresh I am relocating the blog right here. A lot of my original hopes and ideas for the blog are still in tact, but they will executed be a much looser, easier way.

At 12:00am on November 26th, 2009, Thanksgiving Day, I am re-launching The New Classics with a month-long countdown of the Top 150 Songs of 2009, filled with downloadable links, music videos, videos of live performances, track information, and some words about each song.

Then on January 1, 2010 the site will resume it’s old duties of reviewing new songs, albums, mixtapes and music videos daily (hopefully).

If you’re interested in being around for the new beginning, bookmark or subscribe to the RSS to keep up with all the happenings. If you don’t really give a shit until there’s some actual quality material up here, check back soon and see if you like what I’m writing.

Either way, I hope you enjoy all the hard work I am going to put into the new site, and please drop some comments even if you don’t. I love debates and discussions, and that is what this site is going to thrive off of.

I’ll see you all on Thanksgiving. Thanks guys.


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