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October 23, 2009

New Music / Music Video: Arctic Monkeys, Cornerstone

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Song: Cornerstone
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: Humbug
Label: Domino / Warner Bros.
Notes: 2nd single from LP
Analysis: ‘Cornerstone’ has a simple, slowly-strummed sweetness to it that Arctic Monkeys songs don’t usually go for, as far as I know. Here, Alex Turner sings a tune about (or at least what I interpret as) wanting to pretend that every woman he meets is a different woman in particular, and in the end settles for the woman’s sister. It’s the kind of song that I picture will get the crowd of a Monkeys show swaying back and forth and singing grinningly.

When I saw that she was on her own,
I thought she might understand.
She was close, well you couldn’t get much closer.
She said I’m really not supposed to but yes,
you can call me anything you want.

After several failed attempts for the character (or Turner himself), it’s a rather happy ending, even if it is just a whiskey-soaked one night stand. Musically, it has that smokey hole-in-the wall pub atmosphere that very well fits with the theme. Not being a very big fan of the Arctic Monkeys, I wasn’t expecting that this track would become one of my recent favorites, and probably the best song overall on their recent release Humbug. The music video below isn’t what I pictured to represent the song at all, and is very public-access level weird, but you can’t take away from a great song.
Rating: 8.5


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