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October 21, 2009

New Music / Music Video: Death Cab for Cutie, Meet Me On the Equinox

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Song: Meet Me on the Equinox
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Album: New Moon (OST)
Label: Atlantic Records
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: Death Cab has had a great 2009 thus far. Riding the success of their near-perfect 2008 LP Narrow Stairs, they released two of my favorites from the album: ‘Cath…‘ and ‘Grapevine Fires‘ as singles this year, followed by the equally-superb The Open Door EP followup that further cemented my admiration of this band. ‘Meet Me On the Equinox’ is a track written specifically for the soundtrack to a teen-fad film franchise of the last couple of years; New Moon. ‘Meet Me’ reminds me of ‘The Beginning Is the End is the Beginning’ from the Batman & Robin soundtrack of 1996; great, dark-mooded song from an awful movie. Now, Death Cab isn’t going for goth here like the Smashing Pumpkins did, but you can feel a smoky twilight (sorry) leaking out of the melody that puts you out on a brisk full-moon midnight somewhere with nowhere specific to go:

Let me give my love to you
let me take your hand.
As we walk in the dimming light,
oh darling understand
that everything, everything ends.

Ben Gibbard has done a fantastic job in the past two years in bringing the band to a new level, and ironically by introducing himself to a legion of tweens, this soundtrack cut may end up being their peak in popularity. The bottom line is that these films do not deserve to be associated with music of this quality… but surprisingly we still have them and their weirdo fanbase to thank for it.
Rating: 8.5

*warning: music video is terrible.


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