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May 5, 2009

New Music: Eminem, Old Time’s Sake [ft. Dr. Dre]

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Eminem Relapse
Song: Old Time’s Sake [ft. Dr. Dre]
Artist: Eminem
Album: Relapse
Label: Shady / Aftermath / Interscope
Producer: Dr. Dre
Notes: none
Analysis: Now that I’ve sort of accepted that we probably aren’t going to be getting any real new Eminem material off of Relapse, I have to just sit back and take in the music for what it is, which so far has sounded like lost tracks from the Marshall Mathers LP sessions. ‘Old Time’s Sake’ fits that same description, but more in the essence of what it was like to hear Dre & Em rap together for the first time. The song is playful and catchy in a much better way than what ‘We Made You’ was supposed to be, and features Dre’s trademark West Coast keyboard & bass production. This is the type of old Eminem that I can enjoy; a song without outdated celebrity bashing, and without pointless five minute-long hypothetical murder sprees. It’s just Em being Em and it’s something I have to get used to again.
Rating: 7.5


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  1. […] Wide Awake’ has the same horror movie vibe as most of The Marshall Mathers LP, and ‘Old Time’s Sake‘ brings us back even farther to the playfully mischievous vibe of The Slim Shady […]

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