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April 30, 2009

New Music: Reflection Eternal, Back Again

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Song: Back Again
Artist: Reflection Eternal
Album: unknown
Label: Rawkus Records
Producer: Hi-Tek
Notes: none
Analysis: That’s right, we back again / you can like rap again‘. Nine years ago, little-known rapper Talib Kweli released a joint album called Train of Thought with an amazing producer named Hi-Tek, under the name Reflection Eternal. That album contained one of my top five hip hop songs EVER created, a little track called ‘The Blast’. The two have linked up here and there since then, but ‘Back Again’ is the first official release under the RE name since their first record, to my knowledge. Kweli, our savior:

Beat on the drum, the bang-bang.
You’re tryin’ to maintain
the same frame of mind while the game change.
I know you’re sick of the same thing, with different results.
Stop stickin’ the needle up in the same vein.
The definition of insane.
my theory is big bang.
we huntin’ for big game, a quick changeover
got the rappers confused.
Tek back on the boards, Kweli is back in the booth.

Contrasting to Tek’s jungle drums & keyboard melodies, and Talib’s fast-paced delivery is a smooth, silky hook with a girl singing ‘better than before, I will always be in your corner‘. It will probably be a good portion of the year before we find out if they really are better than before (the album doesn’t even have a name yet), but ‘Back Again’ is evidence of Reflection Eternal being at least just as good as before.
Rating: 9.0
Source: 2DopeBoyz

Reflection Eternal, The Blast – ©2000


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