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April 27, 2009

New Music: White Denim, Mirrored and Reverse

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Song: Mirrored and Reverse
Artist: White Denim
Album: Fits
Label: Full Time Hobby
Notes: none
Analysis: The appeal of some bands just flies over my head sometimes, I’m not afraid to admit that. Some of White Denim’s stuff falls into that category, while some of it such as ‘Sitting’ or ‘All You Really Have to Do’ is instantly identifiable to me as great music. The first cut off of their upcoming album Fits, ‘Mirrored and Reverse’ can be filed under the “not feelin it” file. Maybe I’m mistaking the looseness of the track for sloppiness, but theres not much there for me to grab on to, I feel. There is a funky bassline though, I’ll give them that. And also, is that a banjo or some type of mandolin that I hear? On repeated listens, it got a bit easier for me to grasp but I can’t see myself ever playing this type of song for friends, saying “you guys gotta hear this!” White Denim is coveted by the indie blogs, but it – at least this song – isn’t for me.
Rating: 5.5
Source: Gorilla vs Bear


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