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April 26, 2009

New Music: Charles Hamilton, Barbara Walters

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Song: Barbara Walters
Artist: Charles Hamilton
Album: The Perfect Life
Label: Interscope Records
Producer: none
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: I have mixed feelings towards Charles Hamilton. He’s obviously lyrically talented, but I find his sleepy-headed flow to be annoying, and he has a habit of singing his own choruses in a nasally, obnoxious manner. Not to mention the pink, the Sonic the Hedgehog obsession and the almost Soulja Boy-esque cockiness. I respect that he is constantly putting out mixtapes of original material, but with a sample size that enormous, there turns out to be more bad songs than good. Now that Hamilton is signed to a major label he can finally focus on putting together an actual album, hopefully one that will have some merit and stand above his endless amount of mixtapes. ‘Barbara Walters’ is the title of the first single from said album, so for the first time ever we get to hear what it Charles Hamilton sounds like on something tangible: an album that people are expected to pay for. My first thought on the song is: why is this song called ‘Barbara Walters’? If you’re looking to be a hip hop star, there’s nobody less hip hop than Barbara Walters, with the exception of maybe Bill O’Reilly. My question is answered on the hook, when Charles – once again in his nasally off-key singing voice – says “I’m ready to tell my story“. Of course he’s referring to Mrs. Walters’ interviewing reputation, but why not call it ‘Story’ or ‘Thoughts of Yesterday’, another phrase he sings. But I suppose song titles matter not at the end of the day, it’s all about the music. I’m not sure who produced this song but I think it’d be a safe bet to guess that Hamilton himself did, as he usually does on his mixtapes. It’s definitely not a commercial radio-ready song, as the beat isn’t really catchy, dance-able or even interesting. At least Charles still has his rhyming skills to salvage the track, where he admits he had an abusive childhood and drug problems:

Turned to blunts,
get high and won’t return for months.
The weed lead to E, E is ecstasy.
Felt like I lost my drive, my speed was left on E.
So I turned to Speed, meth and see ok, E.
So please don’t ok me.

Obviously this is a personal track for Hamilton, but this was billed as the “first single” from his album The Perfect Life. ‘Barbara Walters’ isn’t lead, or followup single material, and is actually rather boring to listen to for an album cut too. Charles is going to need to step up his song-writing if he wants this album to mean anything.

Rating: 5.5
Source: Nah Right


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  1. Very nice 🙂

    Comment by Ana Ribeiro — April 26, 2009 @ 2:14 pm

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