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April 22, 2009

New Music: J Dilla, Reality Check [ft. Black Thought]

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Song: Reality Check [ft. Black Thought]
Artist: J Dilla
Album: Jay Stay Paid
Label: Nature Sounds
Producer: J Dilla
Notes: none
Analysis: Dilla’s music is still living on three years after his death, with a new collaboration album coming out this summer. On ‘Reality Check’, The Roots’ frontman Black Thought crams in the most reality tv show references in a song in the history of hip hop. The always-energetic Thought expresses disappointment in Americans watching so much reality television, with so much history-in-the-making, for better or worse,  going on around us. All of your favorite shows get name-dropped, both the pure “entertainment” shows and the grittier A&E/History Channel docu-dramas:

My head’s so spinnin’,
I’m so through with women
who watch reruns of The Real World with dinner.
And Kim Kardashian, moms and Bruce Jenner.
And Three 6 Mafia show and Jerry Springer.
Scott Baio, 46 and Knocked Up
I’d rather see The First 48 and Locked Up.

Over a “motherfuckin’ neck breakin’ Dilla beat” as Pete Rock introduces it as the beginning of the clip, Black Thought electrifies an otherwise corny concept, and knocks it out of the park. I’m intrigued to see who else will pop up on Jay Stay Paid, but I wouldn’t be mad at some more Roots collabos.
Rating: 8.0
Source: Nah Right


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