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April 22, 2009

New Music: Fabolous, My Time [ft. Jeremih]

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Song: My Time [ft. Jeremih]
Artist: Fabolous
Album: Loso’s Way
Label: Def Jam Records
Producer: The Runners
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: ‘My Time’ is better than the stupid ‘Throw it in the Bag‘, but suffers from several awful hindrances that hold it back from becoming a really good single. The Runners’ production is catchy enough, with a synth-heavy flavor, and even unknown singer Jeremih’s hook is passable and decent. The problems come in with Fabolous’ periodically eye-rolling “punchlines”, and more similes about watches (‘My Time’, get it?) than I’d ever care to hear. Ok, so say you don’t care about the lyrics and you’re more interested in just cranking up the radio and listening to some new Fabo. I can deal with that. But why on earth would anyone let this guy Jeremih go off and rap-sing, R. Kelly-style (horribly) with an autotuner for over a minute at the end of the song? That just doesn’t even make sense. The song has some good things working for it, but too many head-scratching issues that make me wonder if Loso’s Way will even come close to as good as From Nothin to Somethin was.
Rating: 6.0
Source: Nah Right


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