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April 21, 2009

New Music: Clipse, Kinda Like a Big Deal [ft. Kanye West]

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clipse KLABD
Kinda Like a Big Deal [ft. Kanye West]
Artist: Clipse
Album: Till the Casket Drops
Label: Columbia Records
Producer: DJ Khalil
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: Now without the constraints of the sometimes-repetitive Neptunes sound, the Clipse can really flex their shit. On their albums, they’ve worked virtually exclusively with Pharrell & Chad as beatmakers, but as great as Hell Hath No Fury was, I don’t think another team-up album is really necessary. Point proven: the DJ Khalil-produced ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’ is the best Clipse single so far in their relatively young careers. Over an eyebrows down, mean-faced guitar loop, the Thornton brothers get destructive, especially Malice on the third verse:

I’m puttin’ y’all to shame, diamonds in the little hand.
fifty percent splits, I ex out the middle man.
a far cry from the stash in the rental van.
I’m the reason the hood need a dental plan.

Clipse could have handled this track on their own and kept it tight, but the icing on the cake is Kanye West’s guest spot, as he goes off on a wordplay tangent about TJ Maxx and has the lamest rhyme on the song about getting head from a girl in special ed. Kanye’s presence aside, the real stars here are Pusha T & Malice. After a weak Re-Up Gang posse album last year, Till the Casket Drops is starting to sound like it could top their past successes, which is no small feat. But for now, ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’ is the best rap song of 2009 so far, and my official anthem for the summer.
Rating: 10.0


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  1. […] a better rap/sung duet. There’s better Hudson songs out there right now, and better Kanye guest-raps, so I would expect more from a collaboration between the two, but ‘Supernova’ is […]

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