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April 15, 2009

New Music: Freeway, Finally Free

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Song: Finally Free
Artist: Freeway
Album: Philadelphia Freeway 2
Label: Def Jam*
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: First thing first, whoever did the Photoshop artwork for the album should be fired. That’s one ugly cover and I’m not even talking about Freeway’s mug. Artwork aside, I consider myself a pretty big Freeway fan. The original Philadelphia Freeway was a slept-on album in it’s day, as was his followup record Free At Last four years later, not to mention countless guest spots and this past December’s Month of Madness song-a-day outrageousness. Not too long ago, Freeway’s next album was announced out of nowhere for a May release, the lazily-named Philadelphia Freeway 2 (I can think of at least eight more phrases with the word ‘free’ in them that would make better album titles). Maybe it’s just oversaturation carried over from the Month of Madness, but I can’t really get into this song without thinking about how similar it is to a lot of his other recent material. The uptempo beat, the high hats & claps, the increasingly generic street raps… it’s all starting to sound the same. But Free’s track record is enough to sell me on the album regardless of ‘Finally Free’ being lackluster. As long as there’s a ‘What We Do’ or a ‘When They Remember’ tucked away in that tracklist I’ll be satisfied.
Rating: 6.0
Source: Nah Right

*actually not too sure if Freeway’s still on Def Jam or not. Anyone know what’s up with that?


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