The New Classics

March 30, 2009

New Music: Fall Out Boy, America’s Suitehearts (Remix) [ft. Joe Budden, Murs & 88-Keys]


Song: America’s Suitehearts (Remix) [ft. Joe Budden, Murs & 88-Keys]
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Album: none
Label: Island Records
Producer: Patrick Stump
Notes: none
Analysis: Fall Out Boy gets a bad rap. Yes, they are the epitome of bubblegum rock these days, seemingly only one step above the Jonas Brothers on the edginess scale. But the snobbiest of music snobs brush off the fact that they are actually good at that niche. If we didn’t have pop rock, you wouldn’t be singing along to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ with your friends. Actually, most of today’s best karaoke songs wouldn’t even exist. But Fall Out Boy isn’t JUST a future karaoke go-to band. Lead singer Patrick Stump, one of the best voices of modern pop, also has a low-key love for all things hip hop. This is obvious, as here he has assembled three of the best emcees in indie hip hop today for a remix of Folie a Deux’s best song, ‘America’s Suitehearts’. Whether this is a self-fulfilling track, an effort to appeal to the hip hop crowd, or an attempt to change the band’s image a bit, doesn’t matter. The ‘America’s Suitehearts (Remix)’, much like the ‘This Ain’t a Scene (Remix)’ with Kanye West from two years ago, totally reinvents their sound. This version has a very Van Halen-sounding keyboard loop with a pounding bass as an instrumental, while one by one, Budden, Murs & 88-Keys rock the mic as hard as they ever have. In between the rhymes is Stump’s re-worked hook, with some sonic sound effects whirling behind it that just sounds awesome. Forget that Fall Out Boy’s main fanbase is composed of 13 year old girls. Anyone ignoring the fact that they create some of the best pop songs of our generation that will definitely be up there with defining the 2000s, is just being ignorant. This remix is a very refreshing change of pace for both pop rock and hip hop, and Patrick Stump should put more songs like this together in the future.
Rating: 9.0
Source: Nah Right &


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