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March 27, 2009

Music Video: Panda Bear, Take Pills

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Song: Take Pills
Artist: Panda Bear
Album: Person Pitch
Label: Paw Tracks Records
Notes: none
Analysis: Odd that this video is just released now, as the album Person Pitch has been in stores since March of 2007. Don’t let all the critical & blog love for Panda Bear’s music fool you, it is an acquired taste just like his parent band, Animal Collective. This album is something that you have to be pretty patient about, and just let it overtake you after several listens because it’s worth it. ‘Take Pills’ takes about half the song to really kick into gear, spending the first half floating back and forth like a lost set of swim trunks in a wave pool. The watery backdrop flows through the rest of the song also, when it turns into a echoed jamboree. Avey Tare sings (i don’t want for us to take pills / because we’re stronger / and we don’t need them), but “take pills” is repeated over and over like a not-so-subtle subliminal message (which two years later, judging from this music video, is still suggested). I’d suggest the less tedious ‘Bro’s’ over ‘Take Pills’ for new listeners, but this song is still a pretty good representation of the rest of Panda Bear’s material. It’s good stuff, but you might have to work for it.

Click the jump below for more from Panda Bear via the ‘Bro’s’ music video:



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