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March 26, 2009

New Music: Snoop Dogg, Let It Rain

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Song: Let It Rain
Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album: Malice in Wonderland
Label: MTV Records
Producer: Scott Storch
Notes: none
Analysis: Snoop Dogg, in my mind, has transcended good or bad songs, and exists only as Snoop Dogg. Basically if Snoop puts out a song that I’m not really feeling, I soon realize that it’s my own damn fault, not Snoop’s. Then I come around and jam to it anyway. A little over a year after putting out the almost-very good Ego Trippin’, he’s prepping Malice in Wonderland, and ‘Let It Rain’ is the first to drop. It’s bongo-heavy and club-ready thanks to mister hit-or-miss Scott Storch, and Snoop comes with some absurd lyrics that only he could pull off: (I love hip hop and this, and I’ma be poppin’ this / …yeah, I’m tryin’ to learn calculus / to master the art of math / have you ever took a twenty thousand dollar bubble bath?). All the pieces fall into place, and Storch does his best production when he isn’t trying to overproduce and keep up with Timbaland. ‘Let It Rain’ isn’t the next ‘Drop It Like Its Hot’ or ‘Sexual Seduction’, but if Snoop says that this is the way he’s going, we’re all going to follow.
Rating: Snoop Dogg
Source: Nah Right


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