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March 26, 2009

New Music: Fat Joe, Hey Joe

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Song: Hey Joe
Artist: Fat Joe
Album: Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)
Label: Imperial Records
Producer: DJ Infamous
Analysis: I like Fat Joe, in moderation. I hate his overly cheesed-up radio songs, and even more than that I hate his gangstafication (new word) of himself. You know the songs I’m talking about, where he rattles off cliche’d threats of running up on someone with a .44, or brags about how much weight he’s moving. You’re not fooling anyone anymore, Joey. Motherfucker, you were in Happy Feet. He feels the need to keep up this street image, at the cost of his music, but anyone who’s followed his career knows he can put out some great songs. From ‘The Shit is Real’ and ‘John Blaze’ to ‘Make It Rain’ he’s got classics, regardless of what you think of Joe. And so later this spring, he will be releasing the sequel to J.O.S.E. (which in itself was a sequel to J.O.E.), the album where he abandoned his grittier sound in exchange for a more mainstream platform. While ‘Hey Joe’ isn’t the first listen we’ve had of the new album, it’s certainly the most interesting so far. The song relies heavily on a classic Jimi Hendrix song as it’s sample, a song so perfect for him that it made me wonder why he hadn’t already used it before. But instead of keeping the sample cool and breezy like the original, producer DJ Infamous adds in a sinister piano loop that totally takes away from the entire vibe of what the song should be. I don’t like to speculate “shoulda been’s” or “what if’s”, but this is another track that’s been ruined by Joe needing some tough guy music to rap about shooting people in his fantasy land. If Infamous kept the song closer to Hendrix’ version, this is a song that could have been in the running for best-used sample of the year. You’ll be better off just listening to the real Jimi Hendrix track. Theres gun talk on that song too, but at least it feels genuine.
Rating: 5.5
Source: You Heard That New


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