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March 16, 2009

New Music: Voxtrot, Trepanation Party

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Song: Trepanation Party
Artist: Voxtrot
Album: Trepanation Party (Single)
Label: Beggar’s Group
Notes: 1st released song since 2007
Analysis: You have no idea how pumped I am that Voxtrot is back. At the end of 2006, while perusing a few indie rock blogs’ best of the year lists, I came across this band’s single ‘Soft & Warm’ (which GorillavsBear actually ranked as #1 for that year) and instantly fell in love with them. They embody everything great that pop music could be if it weren’t so busy looking to itself for inspiration and conforming to fads and trends of the minute just to sell some ringtones. After first listen, I slowly built up my collection of all of their material, which includes a few EPs, a self-titled debut album in 2007, and a few odds and ends songs, and they rocketed to the top of my favorite indies in a very short period of time. The group has been pretty quiet though for the past year, as I’ve patiently waited for new material. But today ‘Trepanation Party’ was mercifully dropped upon us this afternoon by the blog fairies. What think I? The song opens up with some drums to set the beat, quickly followed by an icy synth melody, unlike anything I’ve heard from the band before. Once the guitar riff and the piano are introduced, singer Ramesh Srivastava hits the vocals running, digging away with the music while it all takes various twists and turns throughout the 5 and a half minute runtime. The hook (Everyone I know is losing their minds / yeah but everyone I know has a really good time / drilling holes in my head, oh you will never go blind / I will always be the arrow for your love) and similar lyrics shows Ramesh, vulnerable as ever, yearning for a lover of his past. Everything about the song is endearing and refreshing, and the only reason I am not rating this as a 10 is that I am very hesitant to rate anything as perfect. But this song is the closest it’s come all year. You have no idea how pumped I am that Voxtrot is back.
Rating: 9.5
Source: Stereogum


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