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March 15, 2009

New Music: Saigon, So Cruel

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Song: So Cruel
Artist: Saigon
Album: All in a Days Work
Label: Amalgam Digital
Producer: Statik Selektah
Notes: none
Analysis: Saigon has always been one of those rappers to me whose hype outshines the actual outcome. He’s big with those who follow the hip hop blogs, but it always felt like his potential stops there. I can’t ever imagine Saigon ever having a huge hit record and becoming a breakthrough artist. And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as he continues putting out music that people enjoy. He’s good, but there’s never been anything special about him. But All in a Days Work could be the album that takes him closer to proving me wrong. It was conceived and created within a 24 hour span, produced entirely by one of my favorites, Statik Selektah. And if there’s one producer out there whose proven that he can put out a entire album of solid beats (re: Spell My Name Right, Stick 2 the Script), it’s the Selektah. The first taste of the album is ‘So Cruel’, set over a soul sample that rocks like a Bad Boy track from the late 90’s. And it sounds right. Saigon’s style meshes great with Statik Selektah’s production, and the result is a headknocker to be proud of. This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for a Saigon project, and I’m not expecting to be let down.
Rating: 7.0
Source: Nah Right


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