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March 15, 2009

New Music: Busta Rhymes, Cut From a Different Cloth

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Song: Cut From a Different Cloth
Artist: Busta Rhymes
Album: Back on My B.S.
Label: Universal
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: I don’t see this one listed anywhere on the tracklist for Back on My B.S., but that thing has been pushed back, delayed and fucked with so much since it was supposed to drop 2 years ago that nothing is for certain. On my iTunes at this moment, i have 12 songs that were supposedly “off Back on My B.S.“, and that’s what I have them labeled as. 12 songs is an entire album for some people, and that isn’t even counting the songs that I deleted. So with each leak I get less and less excited for Busta’s album, because I know now that most of it will not be new material to me anymore. It might be a solid album, but hearing all the new songs at once for the first time is half the fun of getting a new record. Anyway, ‘Cut From a Different Cloth’ is one of Busta’s slower, less energized tracks. I usually favor his wilder jams but this one grew on me with a few listens. It’s smooth but it still bumps, and as soon as I find out who did the production I have to give them credit, because the beat is tight. I can’t be mad at Busta for making tracks like these, because contrast is an important tool in putting a good album together. I just wish his people could get a hold on all of this material and save something for the album!
Rating: 7.0


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