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March 12, 2009

New Music: Curren$y, Scared of Monsters

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Song: Scared of Monsters
Artist: Curren$y
Album: This Ain’t No Mixtape
Label: unknown
Producer: Monsta Beatz
Notes: none
Analysis: To me, Curren$y has the type of flow that sounds like he is rapping off of cue cards. Almost like a karaoke singer trying to catch up in a song that is scrolling by too fast. But the internet loves him, so what the fuck do I know? If you haven’t heard any of his material before, think of an East Coast Chamillionaire; they both have the same kind of monotone vocals, and neither one impresses me as much as they impress other bloggers. But I can still appreciate a decent song for what it is, and that’s what ‘Scared of Monsters’ is. The beat bumps pretty hard, and actually reminds me of a Clipse song, which is a compliment on every level. Curren$y is known to pump out material pretty quickly, putting out several original mixtapes in 2008, and now preparing his debut LP This Ain’t No Mixtape. The kid’s gonna get better, and he has the grassroots internet fanbase so expect to hear a lot more from him this year.
Rating: 7.0
Source: OnSmash


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