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February 28, 2009

The New Classics Mixtape [February 2009]: Download

Ain’t dead yet…february-2009-mixtape-front-cover
Hit the jump for the tracklist, download link, and information on the future of the site:

Not sure how many people have noticed, or even cared, but I haven’t updated The New Classics since January 31st of this year. So for this entire month, I’ve been ignoring my initial concept for the blog, of posting new music everyday and giving instant thoughts and reviews. After doing that for 31 straight days in the month of January, while also working a fulltime job, it began to feel like the site was eating up too much of my free time, and I needed a little break to rethink the format. Not only that, but another one of my goals for the site was opening up discussions on these daily songs and albums to whomever is visiting and downloading. I know it’s only been two months since I started this blog, but the comments have been few and far between. I felt that it was almost pointless to continue putting up new music and reviewing it, when you guys could just go to any of those fine sites that I link to and get them straight from the source. If no one’s commenting, how am I supposed to know if anyones even reading what I’m writing, or if you’re just jacking the tracks and ignoring the review?

But lately I’ve heard some really great music, and I do love spreading the word and sharing my opinions on them, even if no one’s listening. So I decided to put together this mixtape at the last minute (tracklist, artwork and all done this morning) to catch up with the month of February. I also am planning a music video megapost, with all the best music videos that I missed out on in the last 28 days. And also, an album recommendation post to catch up on those as well. But from now on, I will be posting more casually, at my own leisure, and not holding myself to insane daily standards. I’m doing this for fun, and hopefully whoever visits the site enjoys it as well. Hopefully you at least leave a little love now and then. Thanks though, to everyone who comes and goes, and for supporting The New Classics even while I haven’t been. Click the back cover for the download, enjoy.





  1. […] Song: The People Tree [ft. David Byrne, Chali 2na & Gift of Gab] Artist: N.A.S.A. Album: The Spirit of Apollo Analysis: Definitely one of the stranger albums so far this year, but The People Tree grew on me (pun not intended). It reminds me of a Gorillaz-style hip hop song, featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, and lead singer of the Talking Heads, David Byrne. It’s also featured on The New Classics’ February 2009 Mixtape. […]

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  2. […] Song: Exxxes Artist: Joe Budden Album: Padded Room Label: Amalgam Digital Producer: The Klasix Notes: 3rd single from LP Analysis: Joey’s latest off of Padded Room is that album’s sex romp slow jam, the one with the silky smooth guitar picking and lean/rock-wit-it snaps. The video is pretty much the song being acted out, nothing worth mentioning aside from the good amount of booty. But Budden’s music and videos are always going to be featured here; the track is also on the New Classics February Mixtape. […]

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