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January 29, 2009

New Music: Q-Tip, Renaissance Rap (Remix) [ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne]

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Song: Renaissance Rap (Remix) [ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne]
Artist: Q-Tip
Album: The Renaissance*
Label: Universal Motown
Producer: Q-Tip
Notes: *not actually on album
Analysis: I’ve already talked about my undisputed love for The Renaissance, so it should come as no surprise that I am declaring ‘Renaissance Rap (Remix)’ as the best hip hop song of the month. You should already know what the beat sounds like, but if you’re still sleeping on that album, I will fill you in. The remix contains the same whistley, chilled out beat as the original, but with 3x the dope lyrical manpower. A few shining examples:

Q-Tip: (So here we go now, it be the Midnight Marauder on the scene / geographically earthed in a place called Queens / I was born with my principles, the way I displayed / when I used to cool out while the other kids played / ’cause I was way too ill / I would hone my skill / go out in the park and let my chemicals spill)

Busta: (Rattle those speakers like some buffalo stampedin’ / if you don’t understand what I’m sayin’ / lyrically I’m like goons / accidentally beatin’ you like gorillas playin’)

Raekwon: (Yo it’s the Tarzan cocaine clan in the area / gorillas in Louie hats, the more the merrier / take mine’s, take a hundred nines, we be runnin’ outta rhymes, never bullets / try to front and you mines)

Even Lil Wayne finally leaves the vocoder back at the hotel, and spits something massive: (Let me spazz, let me spazz / y’know they call me Weezy F, you gon’ let me pass / so ahead of my time wit’ my next-week-ass / money on the dinner table like ‘lets eat cash’ / and I do it for the killas and the hundred dolla billa’s / and from now on I think that you should stunt without a million / dollars in the bank, I got money in the bank / now throw your hands in the air if your pussy don’t stank)

This remix is a great reminder of how awesome all four of these MC’s are (and in Wayne’s case, can be), and if you download one hip hop song from The New Classics this month, ‘Renaissance Rap (Remix)’ should be it.
Rating: 9.5
Source: Nah Right

Bonus: The Rik Cordero-directed video for the original ‘Renaissance Rap’, which came out late last year, and didn’t get as much attention as it should have:



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