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January 29, 2009

New Music: B-Real, Don’t Ya Dare Laugh (Remix) [ft. Xzibit & Young De]

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Song: Don’t Ya Dare Laugh (Remix) [ft. Xzibit & Young De]
Artist: B-Real
Album: Smoke and Mirrors
Label: Duck Down Records
Producer: Scoop DeVille
Notes: none
Analysis: It’s actually the original version of ‘Don’t Ya Dare Laugh’ that will appear on Smoke and Mirrors, so the added bonus on this version is Xzibit, who I personally haven’t heard on the mic in a minute. But these two West Coast all-stars team up for a track that ultimately turns out to be “aiight”. I guess it’s the unchanging West Coast sound that I’m bored with; any song with that heavy piano type of beat sounds all the same to me. Even B and X can’t get me too excited about this one, even though they both rap their asses off, especially Xzibit, who to me has a long way to come back to prove himself again after spending what seems like an eternity on the cheesetastic Pimp My Ride. ‘Laugh Remix’ isn’t as exciting and different than ‘Fire‘ was, but it’s a perfectly acceptable trunk banger.
Rating: 6.5
Source: Nah Right


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