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January 28, 2009

New Music: Lil Wayne, Hot Revolver

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Song: Hot Revolver
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Rebirth
Label: Cash Money / Universal Records
Notes: none
Analysis: After releasing his new, very mediocre single ‘Prom Queen’ earlier in the week, this track appears and proves that Lil’ Wayne is about as “rock” as Kelly Clarkson is. In all honesty though, ‘Hot Revolver’ is the better song of the two tracks that we’ve heard now from Rebirth. It’s catchier, and has a summery vibe that I would actually listen to if it came on in my car. But still, this isn’t rock, it’s pop music. You can’t give Ashlee Simpson some background guitars, have her throw up the devil horns and call it rock, shit just don’t work like that. For the same reasons, I refuse to classify Wayne’s new album that way. For all intents and purposes though, I do like this song, and although I’m not entirely convinced that Rebirth is such a great idea, ‘Hot Revolver’ certainly helps it’s cause.
Rating: 7.0
Source: YunG & TDF Exclusives


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