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January 28, 2009

New Music: Lil Jon, Killas [ft. The Game & Ice Cube]

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Song: Killas [ft. The Game & Ice Cube]
Artist: Lil Jon
Album: Crunk Rock
Label: Universal Republic
Producer: Lil Jon
Notes: none
Analysis: Lil Jon’s debut solo album Crunk Rock was supposed to hit stores back in 2006, when ‘Snap Yo Fingers’ was released as a single. I don’t know what has delayed it so long (TVT Records going under didn’t help, I’m sure), but Jon pretty much dropped off the map for the past 2 years, until now. If crunk is heavy, hardcore metal guitars and a hook sounding straight off of an early-90’s Death Row album, then this song has a lot of it. ‘Killas’ features two West Coast heavyweights in The Game, and Ice Cube. Neither of them bring their best stuff, but did you really expect them to on a Lil Jon project? Jon actually raps, too, or rather just screams rhymes out. I’ve never, ever enjoyed mixing rap and heavy metal unless it is coming from Rage Against the Machine, and Lil Jon is no Zach de la Rocha.
Rating: 4.5
Source: OnSmash


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