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January 25, 2009

New Music: Lil Wayne, Prom Queen

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Song: Prom Queen
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Rebirth
Label: Cash Money / Universal Records
Notes: 1st single from Wayne’s first “rock” album
Analysis: From the minute it was announced that Lil Wayne was coming out with a “rock” album, I called bullshit. That guy is so drowned out on codeine everytime he’s on camera that I brushed off that project to the same “yeah right” status as his joint albums (coming soon!) with T-Pain, and Juelz Santana, and re-releasing Carter 3 with all new tracks (which makes absolutely no sense anyway). But now here we are on January 25th, and Wayne’s first single from this so-called rock album has leaked, and the album is given a release date. In determining if this song is any good, I’ve raised a few questions: 1) is Wayne really using live instrumentation?, 2) Can a song really be “rock” while using autotuner? 3) is this really necessary? Ok, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that those are real instruments behind him, although I’m a bit iffy on them. I would love to learn about the band that Weezy contracted for this album and their background, because it has a metal/post-hardcore type sound, although not as complex as the better bands in those genres. Wayne’s singing through that stupid filter might be ok on a hook somewhere else, but an entire song sung that way, let alone an entire album, is too much to handle, and is the farthest thing from rock that there is. The autotune gimmick has been done to death and over again already, so it is really frustrating that these artists don’t realize this, and continue on with it. It was an ok experimentation period for some people, and now it’s time to move on from it. A huge point of rock music (real rock music) is to strain and stretch your voice, and sing with passion no matter how traditionally bad your singing voice is, and Wayne does not get this. His idea of rock music is anything with guitars, but it is so much more. This leads to my final question, is this project really necessary? Were people really clamoring for a Lil Wayne “rock” album? Experimentation and creativity are good, but people love artists like Weezy and Kanye West for what they already do. Why can’t they leave the singing for people who can, you know, actually sing without help from a computer? Rebirth will undoubtedly sell really well if it really does see the light of day on it’s expected April 7th release date. But ultimately, it will prove to be a major musical misstep for Wayne the same way 808s and Heartbreak was for Kanye. By any other artist or band, ‘Prom Queen’ would be a mediocre (to put it kindly), so I am holding Wayne to that same standard, but it is entertaining to actually hear a piece of this album come to fruition. However, once the novelty of a Lil Wayne rock album wears off, what is really going to beleft?
Rating: 5.0
Source: Nah Right, NewMusicCartel <– song is tagged up by the NMC because they brought the exclusive. CDQ coming when available.



  1. I wrote down all the words to this song, get them here:
    Lil Wayne Prom Queen Lyrics”

    Comment by AJ — January 25, 2009 @ 10:26 am

  2. […] from LP Analysis: Can’t really say that this song has grown on me since it first debuted back in January. It still pretty much sucks, and the video doesn’t enhance the song at all. Wayne has a new […]

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