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January 24, 2009

New Music: Jim Jones, Na Na [ft. Brittney Taylor]

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Song: Na Na [ft. Brittney Taylor]
Artist: Jim Jones
Album: Pray IV Reign
Label: Dipset / Columbia Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: Every postive or remotely positive comments or remarks or compliments that I’ve said about Jim Jones’ recent work is all shot to shit with this one song. There’ve been bad rap songs before, and there will be plenty more in the future, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of a song with a more forced, uncreative, and uninspired hook. “We gettin’ money like na na na na na na“, Jones sings in that schoolchild sing-songy way, while still trying to maintain his tough guy persona, and with the enthusiasm of a hippopotamus. I could try to focus on the actual lyrics of the verses, or the production aspect and try to highlight any possible positives, but what is the point when that atrocious chorus overshadows the entire song anyway? Is there really anyone who is going to not be embarrassed listening to this song, and actually sing along as Jones and Brittney Taylor (who sounds like she is singing through a tin can, and by some stretch of the imagination rhymes “na na na na na na” with “camera”) taunt people for not having as much money as them? If you answered yes, you are what people would call a “sheep”, in this case for Jim Jones, and you have an awful taste in music. And for Jimmy’s sake, I hope that this is the worst that Pray IV Reign has to offer.
Rating: 1.0
Source: Nah Right


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  1. […] being the better track) in that sense, but nothing makes either of them stand out tracks. ‘Na Na Nana Na Na‘ does stand out, but not any positive way whatsoever, which I’ve already written about. […]

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