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January 16, 2009

New Music: Jim Jones, Blow the Bank [ft. Oshy Star]

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Song: Blow the Bank [ft. Oshy Star]
Artist: Jim Jones
Album: Pray IV Reign
Label: Dipset / Columbia Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: I praised Jones on the song ‘Precious‘ that came out a few days ago, for actually making a song that I enjoyed. However, I had my doubts that Jones could put out an entire album of jams like it, because I am pretty sure that Ryan Leslie was the musical driving force behind what I liked about it. But ‘Blow the Bank’, while not as good as ‘Precious’, is giving me more hope that Pray IV Reign is going to be a lot better than I originally expected from Jones. This is an obligatory club track, but it’s a good one. The synth is pounding, and Jones sticks with what he knows in his lyrics: spending money. And to be honest, when it comes to these types of party songs, the lyrics don’t matter much. The music is the real star, and if it can get people dancing it’s successful. If ‘Blow the Bank’ came on in the bar or club you were in and you had a good buzz going, it’d be hard not to jump out on the dancefloor, so we can call this one another winner. Pray IV Reign is out February 24th, let’s see if Jimmy can live up to this newly deserved buzz he has built for himself.
Rating: 7.0



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