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January 15, 2009

New Music: Juelz Santana, Let’s Cruise

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Song: Let’s Cruise
Artist: Juelz Santana
Album: unknown
Label: Dipset / Def Jam Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: not off of any official project
Analysis: I like Juelz; he’s got superstar charisma, and for the most part pretty decent beat selection, but he has a tendency of really stretching it in his verses. By that, I mean a lot of his rhymes are laughable. Example: (I’m so bowl, you would think I was full of cereal / but that’s a no-no, Cheerio) Can you count everything that’s wrong with that lyric? Alot. I’ve heard him spit better than that, so I know he has a certain degree of talent, but unfortunately the rest of the rhyming on ‘Let’s Cruise’ is only slightly better than that little sample. The most disappointing thing is that the beat (couldn’t find a credited producer) has a cool, late night cruise feel to it that I would be more into if a better MC were flowing over it. Santana can be exciting on the mic sometimes but this type of garbage rapping isn’t gonna cut it for him. Hopefully he steps it up when he has an official album coming out.
Rating: 4.5


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