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January 14, 2009

New Music: Jim Jones, Precious [ft. Ryan Leslie]

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Song: Precious [ft. Ryan Leslie]
Artist: Jim Jones
Album: Pray IV Reign
Label: Dipset / Columbia Records
Producer: Ryan Leslie
Notes: 2nd single from LP
Analysis: It’s no secret that Jim Jones isn’t a good rapper. He’s not even a good hitmaker. He had one huge hit in 2006 because of a catchphrase, and the masses love catchphrases. Somehow he’s been able to stay relevant over the last 3 years despite never coming up with a song after ‘Ballin’ that I can even name right now. With all of the hate out of the way, it is this kind of R&B/Pop-Rap track like ‘Precious’ that Jimmy actually fits in on perfectly. Ryan Leslie is a superb musician & singer, and has come up with a laid back bass guitar and shaker beat that suits Jones’ nonchalant, ad-lib heavy rhyming. It reminds me of the style of music that rejuvenated LL Cool J’s career in the mid-90’s, and perhaps this is a new direction for the Byrd Gang member. I despise Jim Jones’ arrogant personality and unjustified sense of greatness, but the music should always come first, and surprisingly I find myself rooting for Pray IV Reign to be enjoyable. With a few more smooth and sexy tracks like ‘Precious’ on the LP, Pray IV Reign could end up being the 00’s equivelant of Mr. Smith, for better or worse.
Rating: 7.5
Source: Nah Right



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