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January 14, 2009

New Music: Busta Rhymes, Hustler Anthem 2009 [ft. T-Pain]

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Song: Hustler Anthem 2009 [ft. T-Pain]
Artist: Busta Rhymes
Album: Back on My B.S.
Label: Universal Motown
Producer: Ty Fyffe
Notes: none
Analysis: Back on My B.S. is really shaping up to be a big party record. From ‘Don’t Touch Me’ to ‘Arab Money’, to ‘Conglomerate’, among other leaked tracks, are all tracks designed to move a crowd in one way or another, and Hustler Anthem follows the same path. Hook king T-Pain graces Ty Fyffe’s fun piano-based beat with another computerized voice sing-along chorus that is so played out that complaining about it has become played out. But it’s all good, because chances are I won’t even be listening to a song featuring T-Pain unless I’m drunk, and at that point all that I care about is listening to music that is going to make me want to get drunker. And Busta knows how to bring enough energy with him to keep a buzz going.
Rating: 7.5


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