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January 13, 2009

New Music: Rhymefest, Coolness

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Song: Coolness
Artist: Rhymefest
Album: El Che: The Manual (Mixtape)
Label: Allido / J Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: Rhymefest solidified himself as one of my favorite MC’s with 2007’s Blue Collar, and last year’s Michael Jackson concept mixtape Man in the Mirror. The Manual is a preamble to ‘Fest’s El Che album dropping sometime in March of this year, and I’m sure that ‘Coolness’ is a good indication of what both projects will shape up to be. Over an old school stripped-down Eric B. & Rakim-like beat, Rhymefest puts himself on display, with skills and a sense of humor by the ton: (Now I’m not the type of rapper tryin’ to play a girl out, / call her a groupie, break the ass and then get the hell out / nah that’s not my strategy, not the game I play / put her on my street team, and make her work all day. / Dress her up like a dancer / you try to romance her / that’s when she’s giving you my CD sampler). Fest also addresses the increasingly colorful, candy ass fashion that some rappers (and followers) are dressing like these days, and puts them in their place for looking ridiculous. There has got to be some medium in hip hop between jeans and white tees 4 sizes too large, and pink clothing and skinny jeans 4 sizes too small. Back to the song though, it lives up to the title and both upcoming Rhymefest albums are definitely going to be some of the best hip hop released this year.
Rating: 7.5
Source: 2 Dope Boyz


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