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January 13, 2009

New Music: Co$$, Fiyaring

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Song: Fiyaring
Artist: Co$$
The Co$$ Edition: Tomorrow’s Yesterday (mixtape)
Label: Tres Records
Producer: Exile
Notes: none
Analysis: Co$$ (and his obnoxious money signs in the place of s’) is planning on releasing a mixtape later this month consisting of material recorded in the last four years. We first heard from Co$$ this year, last week as a feature on Shawn Jackson’s ‘Here We Go Again’ produced by Exile, who also happens to produce this solo track. ‘Fiyaring’ is a loose, plucky song about getting high, one of the most tired themes in rap music. I don’t mind rappers using worn-out subject matter like this if they can approach in some sort of different angle from those who have before them, but here Co$$ comes with the same ol’, same ol’. Maybe it’s that I don’t smoke that I don’t see the appeal of this one, and maybe if you do you might see something that I don’t. The upside of the song is, Exile’s production is excellent and unorthodox. He’s creating his own lane musically, and you should check for anything you can find with his name on it.
Rating: 6.0
Source: VIMBY


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