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January 10, 2009

New Music: Jadakiss, Can’t Stop Me

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Song: Can’t Stop Me
Artist: Jadakiss
Album: The Last Kiss
Label: Def Jam
Producer: Neo da Matrix
Notes: none

Analysis: “Upbeat” isn’t really a word that anyone would use to describe Jadakiss, but on ‘Can’t Stop Me’, Jadakiss rhymes over an upbeat horn track with the same intense-yet-laid-back flow that he would use on a beat with gunshots all over it. Very few are better at bravado raps than Jada, but sometimes he falls flat during commercial attempts. ‘Can’t Stop Me’, on the other hand, does not. A soulful, Motown-ish singer guides Jadakiss through the song, giving it a sunny feeling, and the melody is going to be stuck in your head after a few listens. Jada uses his violent images of guns and money as a metaphors for staying alive in the music industry, and he’s never bland in his rhyming: (headshots from point blank, call it a free throw / funny ’cause I had the vision since Calico / back then, still ain’t reached my peak, though). Everything I’ve been hearing from or about The Last Kiss, is that this is the album that will prove that Jadakiss is worthy of his “top 5 dead or alive” ranking that he’s been claiming for years. ‘Can’t Stop Me’ helps his cause, but hopefully Jada breaks his own mold more often to show that he’s more than just guns & money raps.
Rating: 7.5


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