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January 10, 2009

New Music: Busta Rhymes, Conglomerate [ft. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss]

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Song: Conglomerate [ft. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss]
Artist: Busta Rhymes
Album: Back on My B.S.
Label: Universal Motown
Producer: Focus
Notes: none
Analysis: Back on My B.S. has been one of my most anticipated albums since last summer, when music started dripping out, and it will finally be released this March. Busta has had a lot of time to put together some quality material, and ‘Conglomerate’ is most definitely quality material. If there’s one thing Busta knows how to do better than anyone else, it’s that head-nodding, trunk thumping sound. Focus provides a bass-heavy, swirling beat, as Busta, Young Jeezy & Jadakiss all go in. I’ve never been crazy about Young Jeezy, but he actually switches up his flow on this song, and sounds really good. Jadakiss runs away with the track, though: (Workers, bosses, Ferrarris, Porsches / dope fiends nautious, crack spots, losses / race tracks, horses – big meetings at the round table / to discuss what the cost is / money, change you, devils, angels / we the ones who say what you can and what you can’t do). With every song that is released from B.O.M.B., I get more and more excited for the LP, but I hope that by the time it comes out, I haven’t heard everything that Busta has to offer.
Rating: 8.0
Source: New Music Cartel


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