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January 7, 2009

New Music: Peter Bjorn & John, Nothing to Worry About

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Song: Nothing to Worry About
Artist: Peter Bjorn and John
Album: Living Thing
Label: Wichita Records
Notes: none
Analysis: The beginning of ‘Nothing to Worry About’ might catch you off guard, and that is because it sounds like it is being sung by the cast of Barney. Peter Bjorn and John recruited a chorus of children to give them a hand on this song, which is so gleeful that it somehow makes ‘Young Folks’ sound depressing. This is a happy motherfucking song. I thought that the kids singing would catch on with me, but in fact it actually just got more irritating the more I listened to it. I love Peter Bjorn and John, but there is such a thing as too uplifting, and this song eviscerates that line. Yet, if we got rid of the kids, there wouldn’t be much left. The melody is a basic two tone, and there isn’t much actual singing in the verses. Not really sure about this direction, but I’m positive that the rest of Living Thing will more than make up for it.
Rating: 6.0
Source: Kanye West Blog


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