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January 5, 2009

New Music: Esoteric, 1989

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Song: 1989
Artist: Esoteric
Album: Serve or Suffer
Label: unknown
Producer: Esoteric
Notes: none
Analysis: This is an odd song. Esoteric is a member of the East Coast Avengers crew, who put out an album in 2008 that showed up on a few hip hop critics’ best of the year lists. This particular track is from Esoteric’s solo effort, Serve or Suffer, which he is marketing as his first “rapless record”. It starts out with an almost grunge-like guitar riff, and then the drum machine kicks in, and somebody (I’m assuming it’s Esoteric himself) begins singing the ‘1989’ hook in an almost British accent. About a dozen vocal samples fill out the rest of the first half of the song, before it shifts in an entirely different, funkier direction. The second half of the song almost reminds me of dub music with it’s use of those vocal snippets. I can definitely see where Esoteric is trying to go with this track by pushing the boundaries of different sounds together, but I’m not there with him. The drums sound nice enough, but everything else in the song sort of falls flat for me. I will definitely be checking for Serve or Suffer, though, because the potential is certainly there.
Rating: 4.0
Nah Right


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