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January 2, 2009

Mixtape Review / Download: Lloyd Banks, The Cold Corner


The 2009 G-Unit isn’t the same as the G-Unit from 2004. I’m not just talking about the rotating members of the group, I am talking popularity terms. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks aren’t at the top of people’s playlists anymore, and you can feel 50’s desperation. He’s coming out with bad movies and awful reality tv shows, holding onto old rivalries to try to sell records, and turning on his own crew. 50 Cent might be the star of the fading group, but Lloyd Banks has always been the superior emcee.

Banks’ rhymes are always colorful, and filled with punchlines that will spin your head around. His weakness is in his beat selection. If you go through Lloyd Banks’ catalogue, a lot of tracks just run together with generic tough guy music. The Cold Corner has that same problem. The only song that stands out to me as unique, is ‘Do It For This Block’, which actually borrows the Wyldfyer beat from the Ludacris/Jay-Z/Nas song ‘Do It For Hip Hop’. And all three of those guys rocked that song better than Banks does, so it just comes across as inferior to the original.

The beats might all be similar, and for the most part, boring, but Banks’ strength is in his rhyming skills, no matter how tired the gangstas & blunts subject matter may get. ‘On the Arm’ is just one example of why he is one of the best shit talkers in the game:

I don’t give a fuck about your rep, brah.
The heat’ll turn a He-Man to Carmen Elektra.
And I’ve been elected, the underground president.
Humble, and I accept it, trouble if I get messed with.
Stumblin’ out the exit, runnin’ out with your head hit.
Heart full of fear. Fitted full of that red shit.

Don’t get me wrong, this style of rap has a large following. It’s just not very exciting, no matter how hard Banks raps his ass off. He has to start linking up with some better producers, or borrow some beats from 50 before he can really shine through. The Cold Corner is good for what it is, Lloyd Banks getting grimey over some heavy beats, but don’t expect to be blown away.

Lloyd Banks - The Cold Corner
Album: The Cold Corner
Artist: Lloyd Banks
Label: G-Unit
Featured Artists: none
Highlights: ‘Do It for This Block’, ‘On the Arm’, ‘Good Company’
Rating: 5.o


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  1. […] his second mixtape of 09, this one being a double cd. A few of the problems from January’s The Cold Corner have been fixed this go-round, and it’s the best Banks has sounded in […]

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