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January 31, 2009

The New Classics Mixtape [January 2009]: Download

It’s been a good month. Tracklisting here, download after the jump.


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New Music: Rick Ross, Magnificent [ft. John Legend]

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Song: Magnificent [ft. John Legend]
Artist: Rick Ross
Album: Deeper Than Rap
Label: Def Jam Records
Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: Once spring hits, this is my favorite type of hip hop; the kind you can just cruise around to and never get tired of. It’s still January, but we can’t hold that against Ricky Ross on this one. Continue Reading

January 29, 2009

New Music: Q-Tip, Renaissance Rap (Remix) [ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne]

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Song: Renaissance Rap (Remix) [ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne]
Artist: Q-Tip
Album: The Renaissance*
Label: Universal Motown
Producer: Q-Tip
Notes: *not actually on album
Analysis: I’ve already talked about my undisputed love for The Renaissance, so it should come as no surprise that I am declaring ‘Renaissance Rap (Remix)’ as the best hip hop song of the month. You should already know what the beat sounds like, but if you’re still sleeping on that album, I will fill you in. Continue Reading

New Music: B-Real, Don’t Ya Dare Laugh (Remix) [ft. Xzibit & Young De]

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Song: Don’t Ya Dare Laugh (Remix) [ft. Xzibit & Young De]
Artist: B-Real
Album: Smoke and Mirrors
Label: Duck Down Records
Producer: Scoop DeVille
Notes: none
Analysis: It’s actually the original version of ‘Don’t Ya Dare Laugh’ that will appear on Smoke and Mirrors, so the added bonus on this version is Xzibit, who I personally haven’t heard on the mic in a minute. But these two West Coast all-stars team up for a track that ultimately turns out to be “aiight”. Continue Reading

January 28, 2009

New Music: Raekwon, Criminology 2 [ft. Ghostface Killah]

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Song: Criminology 2 [ft. Ghostface Killah]
Artist: Raekwon
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
Label: unknown
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: They don’t make MC’s like Raekwon & Ghostface no more. Continue Reading

New Music: Lil Wayne, Hot Revolver

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Song: Hot Revolver
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Rebirth
Label: Cash Money / Universal Records
Notes: none
Analysis: After releasing his new, very mediocre single ‘Prom Queen’ earlier in the week, this track appears and proves that Lil’ Wayne is about as “rock” as Kelly Clarkson is. Continue Reading

New Music: Lil Jon, Killas [ft. The Game & Ice Cube]

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Song: Killas [ft. The Game & Ice Cube]
Artist: Lil Jon
Album: Crunk Rock
Label: Universal Republic
Producer: Lil Jon
Notes: none
Analysis: Lil Jon’s debut solo album Crunk Rock was supposed to hit stores back in 2006, when ‘Snap Yo Fingers’ was released as a single. I don’t know what has delayed it so long (TVT Records going under didn’t help, I’m sure), but Jon pretty much dropped off the map for the past 2 years, until now. Continue Reading

January 27, 2009

Music Video: B.o.B., Lonely People

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Song: Lonely People
Artist: B.o.B.
Album: Who the Fuck is B.o.B.? (mixtape)
Label: Grand Hustle / Atlantic Records
Producer: B.o.B. & Jim Jonsin
Notes: none
Analysis: Odd that this video is released so soon after ‘I’ll Be in the Sky’, seeing as this song isn’t even going to be on B.o.B.’s debut record (clearing a Beatles sample is rather difficult). However, it is obviously a very low-cost video, so B.o.B. probably just figured what the hell. I may be looking too far into the video, but I think he is drawing parallels between these club-goers and the “lonely people”, aka people living somewhat empty lives, because booty shakin’ and throwing money doesn’t really seem like his style. Regardless, with help from Jim Jonsin, the ‘Eleanore Rigby’ sample is done well, and much better than when Ja Rule trashed it last year. I wonder if Paul & Ringo have checked out this video yet?

New Music: Black Lips, Short Fuse

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Song: Short Fuse
Artist: Black Lips
Album: 200 Million Thousand
Label: Vice Records
Notes: none
Analysis: Happy but distorted, Black Lips’ ‘Short Fuse’ carries on my faith in indie rock. (more…)

New Music: U-N-I, Return [ft. Talib Kweli]

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Song: Return [ft. Talib Kweli]
Artist: U-N-I
Album: Before There Was Love (mixtape)
Label: Honor Roll Records
Producer: Lee Bannon
Notes: none
Analysis: U-N-I already leaked the excellent ‘Cali Soul’ from their upcoming mixtape, and now here is the final leak before it’s release, ‘Return’, featuring the incomparable Talib Kweli. Continue Reading

Music Video: Ron Browz, Jumping (Out the Window)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jumping (Out the Window)
Artist: Ron Browz
Album: Jumping Out the Window
Label: Universal Motown
Notes: 1st single from LP
Analysis: Everything about this video is laughable. Everything. The dances, that stupid hook, and god fucking dammit how does someone sound out-of-tune with an autotuner? Lyrically, Ron Browz is a mix between Swizz Beatz and Diddy, and neither one of those is a compliment. It’s necessary for the New Classics to feature some really terrible songs every now and again, just to put the good stuff in perspective, and ‘Jumping (Out the Window)’ is hot fucking garbage.

New Music: Havoc, Watch Me

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Song: Watch Me
Artist: Havoc
Album: Hidden Files
Label: G-Unit / Nature Records
Producer: Havoc
Notes: none
Analysis: When you are one half of one of the grimiest, rawest, most legendary hip hop duos ever, isn’t it only logical that you help oversaturate the obnoxiously still-growing fad with MORE AUTOTUNE??? Continue Reading

New Music: Jay-Z, Money Goes

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Song: Money Goes
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: The Blueprint 3*
Label: Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: *not yet confirmed for the album
Analysis: Jay-Z’s career has basically been on cruise control since The Black Album. By that, I don’t mean that he is lazy, but that his career has already reached it’s highest plateau. Only, I’m not seeing any downslides in his material. He is seemingly on this untouchable, iconic level that anything he puts out will be classic, and after hearing ‘Jockin Jay-Z’, ‘History’, and now ‘Money Goes’, it seems like that trend is continuing. Continue Reading

January 26, 2009

Music Video: The Cool Kids, Pennies

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Song: Pennies
Artist: The Cool Kids
Album: NBA 2K9 Soundtrack
Label: C.A.K.E.
Producer: The Cool Kids
Notes: none
Analysis: The Cool Kids have been called a throwback to hip hop artists of the 80s, but that is only true of their sensibilites; rapping about sneakers and having a good time. Because 80s hip hop never knocked like this. With ‘Pennies’, the Cool Kids contribute a basketball anthem with some eerie whistling and the thumpingest bass so far this year. The video is pretty standard, with a few quirky twists: Chuck Inglish chillin’ on top of a pile of leaves on top of a stack of cardboard boxes, and Mickey Rocks walking around with a crocodile head on top of a remote control car on a leash, both come to mind. The dopeness of the song makes it worth a watch, though, and hopefully the Kids can finally put out their full length debut this year.

New Music: Naledge, Rock Top Fashion

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Song: Rock Top Fashion
Artist: Naledge
Album: Naledge Presents: Attack of the Brainiacs Vol. 3
Label: Duck Down Records
Producer: unknown
Notes: none
Analysis: Naledge (and Kidz in the Hall in general) is one of a handful of rappers who can make a million songs about clothes, women, and “lookin’ fly” and make it sound different each time. Continue Reading

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